Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Zilla Parishad, Madhyottar Andaman: Nothing Official About It!

LOA Vol 36 - Issue - 02 - 15 Oct 2012
Zilla Parishad, Madhyottar Andaman
Nothing Official About It!

Madhuri Giri of the Congress from Mayabunder Zilla Parishad Constituency defeated the official Congress nominee Panchavarnum from Nimbutala Zilla Parishad Constituency for the Adhyaksha, Zilla Parishad, North-Middle Andaman garnering support of nine members against six opposing members with one member vote being disqualified.
Srinivasan of the Congress was elected unopposed as Up- Adhyaksh. N-M Andaman Zilla Parishad has 16 members. Madhuri Giri had earlier the fortune of leading the first term as Adhyaksha where as the second term was headed by P Prasad as Adhyaksh. Here the Congress versus Congress game was more of Prasad versus Sony Thomas battle. Prasad is known to be close to the President, Congress rewarded time and again for his outbursts against Bhakta who was on his way out of the Congress when Kuldeep was consolidating his position.
Prasad is known to maintain the same level of aristocracy as his president on his visits to the state or national capital and during routine activities. His tenure was marked with a period of one man ship with the other members cooling their heels while he made hay as the sun shone.
This time, he put his weight behind the inexperienced  Panchavarnum hoping for a proxy rule but Sony Thomas a contractor turned TMC supporter turned Congressmen who had played a important role in Madhuri Giri's first tenure stopped the official Congress bandwagon. Contrary to popular sentiments Kuldeep offered seat to a candidate fully aware of the fact that it'll go the other way, which it did.
Now, there is lot of hue and cry about disciplinary action by the Territorial Congress Committee, the highest local body of the party filled with his sidekicks and kingmakers, but it seems unlikely that Kuldeep would risk it and face a wipe out from North Middle Andaman district. Here too the BJP had no stance to offer with its members switching camp at will.

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