Friday, January 25, 2013




“The Jarawa tribe with the estimated population of 406 is inhabiting the western coasts of South and Middle Andaman Islands. They are leading their normal life of hunting and gathering. Government of India has framed the Jarawa Welfare Policy which is notified in December 2004 and same is being implemented.”

Jarawa Reserve Area has been increased from 847 to 1028 sq kms. Exclusive marine resources base has also been increased by declaring coastal water up to 5 km from High Tide Line as Tribal Reserve.”

“In order to protect the Jarawas from the harmful effects and exposure of the outside world and owing to the increased tourism activities infrastructures coming up around the Jarawa territory, the A & N Admn in Oct 2007 declared an area up to 5 kms around the Jarawa Tribal reserve on the landward side as Buffer Zone prohibiting tourism activities in this zone.”

“The Administration is at present actively considering a proposal to demarcate a new Buffer Zone to address the concerns of livelihood expressed by settlers living therein. In the re-visited Buffer Zone, not only the concerns of the settlers would be adequately addressed but the issue of protection and preservation of the Jarawa would be spelled out with much clarity.”

“Research driven policy initiatives of short-term and long-term will be taken by the Administration to appreciate the perception and will of Jarawas and mainstream them with the outside world according to the phase, set by Jarawas themselves, which may be time consuming and worth waiting.”

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Andaman Admn Closes ATR for Tourists

Andaman Admn Closes ATR for Tourists

The Andaman and Nicobar Admn abiding by the Supreme Court direction have issued a notice closing the Andaman Trunk Road for tourist traffic. The notice said that the direction of SC will be implemented in both letter and spirit. It also warned the tour operators not to take any tourist through the road or to face legal action as per the law.

The Special Leave Petition relating to the matter of Buffer Zone came up for hearing before the Supreme Court on 21 Jan 2013.  The revised Buffer Zone Notification issued by the A&N Admn dated 17.01.2013, excluding the settlement villages from 5 km. radius of Buffer Zone was taken on record by Supreme Court.  After hearing the submissions made on behalf of the A&N Administration by Shri Paras Kuhad, Addl. Solicitor General of India and other Senior Lawyers, the Hon’ble Court directed that the Andaman Trunk Road could be used by the people residing in the settlement villages, Govt. Officials and other bonafide road users including those who transport goods and services to the settlement villages in the North and Middle Andaman District. 

However, Hon’ble Court directed that till the next date of hearing, no tourists should use the Andaman Trunk Road. The Hon’ble Court has posted the matter for further hearing on 26th February, 2013. The formal order of Hon’ble Court is awaited.

The Admn is issuing guidelines to the Govt. Departments concerned separately. The Admn has advised all tourists to abide by the court directions.  

Monday, January 21, 2013

Supreme Court Bans Tourism and Private Vehicles on Andaman Trunk Road

Supreme Court Bans Tourism and Private Vehicles on Andaman Trunk Road

The Supreme Court has directed that absolutely no tourists and private individuals are to be permitted to enter the Buffer Zone and only Government Officers and vehicles that supply essential commodities/goods/provisions to the settlers/inhabitants within the Reserve/Buffer Zone may be permitted to ply on the Andaman Trunk Road till 26 Feb 2013, the next date of hearing.

The Jarawa Buffer Zone matter was listed before the Bench comprising Hon’ble Mr. Justice Singhvi and Hon’ble Mr. Justice Gokhale, today, where the Petitioners were represented by the Additional Solicitor General, alongwith an Officer of the Andaman administration, as per the direction given by the Court on 17 January 2013.

The Petitioners furnished a copy of the Notification dated 17 January 2013 along with a Map depicting the Reserved Area and Buffer Zone.

The Court has directed the Petitioners to file an Affidavit giving details of the inhabitants and settlements in the areas that have been enumerated in the Schedule to the notification dated 17 January 2013, which are claimed to be “revenue villages”, within 2 weeks from today.

 The matter has been re-notified on 26 February 2013.