Friday, January 17, 2014

Jarawa Girls Exploitation Case: Update Seven Persons Arrested

Jarawa Girls Exploitation Case: Update
Seven Persons Arrested

By Zubair Ahmed

In the Jarawa Girls exploitation case in Tirur sector, seven persons who had taken eight girls in two Dinghies to Hiren Tikrey have been arrested and the process of registration of FIR is still in progress.

On 14th January, four persons – Ashit Mandal (Collinpur), Tapan Mandal (Collinpur), Birbal Mandal (Collinpur) and Rajesh Das (Temple Myo) took four unmarried Jarawa girls to Hiren Tikrey, an Island 3-4 hours ride from Tirur in an Engine Dinghy and stayed there for three days.

In another incident, on 16th January, Narayan Rai (Sujoy), B Kumar Raja and Shambu Bepari, all belonging to Herbertabad took four unmarried Jarawa girls to Hiren Tikrey.

The information about the exploitation of Jarawa girls were passed on the authorities by a few Jarawa youth. A special joint squad comprising of Police and AAJVS staff was formed and alongwith a few Jarawa youth raided the Island and the culprits and Jarawas were located.

Meanwhile, it is also learnt that the group of furious Jarawa youth attacked the culprits. Narayan Roy (Sujoy) is a repeat offender with more than five similar cases pending against him.

All the seven culprits were brought to Kadamtala Police Station and case was filed against them. It is learnt that DySP North Andaman is investigating the case and SP South Andaman Chinmoy Biswal has also left to Kadamtala.

Sources informed that under which sections they will be booked is yet to be decided, but told that they have violated PAT Regulations. Sources also informed that the case of kidnapping and sexual exploitation can only be ascertained after proper enquiry.

Breaking News: Eight Jarawa Girls Kidnapped and Taken to Hiren Tikrey

Breaking News:
Eight Jarawa Girls Kidnapped and Taken to Hiren Tikrey
FIR against Seven Persons Registered at PS, Kadamtala

In a shocking incident, in two Dinghies, 8 Jarawa girls were kidnapped from Jao Khana, Tirur and taken to Hiren Tikrey by seven persons belonging to Tirur area. After prolonged search in Hiren Tikrey, the Jarawa girls alongwith the seven culprits were located.

A case has been registered against the seven including one Sujoy and all of them have been placed under arrest in Kadamtala Police Station. However, it is not clear what charges have been pressed against them. Further details are awaited.

It is learnt from highly placed sources that the Jarawa girls were taken a couple of days ago, and based on reliable information, a search team located the culprits along with the Jarawa girls from Hiren Tikrey.

It is also learnt that some Jarawa youth thrashed the culprits.

Earlier too, many complaints of sexual exploitation of Jarawas by a group of settlers including Sujoy belonging to Tirur area were reported.