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chalte | CHALTE: Vadra-What A Big Deal In It!

LOA Vol 36 - Issue - 02 - 15 Oct 2012
chalte | CHALTE
Vadra-What A Big Deal In It!

Robert Vadra, the poor fellow has unnecessary became target of controversy, obviously for no fault of him. However, the only blunder he committed is to marry in a family of rulers. For this again, he should not be blamed since the 'pairs' is made in heaven. The country owes many obligations to the family and, so, to Robert too. What's a big deal in it?" exclaimed he after finishing his fifth round of 'Herculese XXX' in a local bar here.
"A DANICS officer after getting his posting order to Andamans approached Andaman Office in Delhi to have some first-hand information about the facilities available in the islands. His queries included: Good school existed? , Proper bus services? , 2BHK flat/house on rent? , Helping hand for Jharu-Phoncha? etc. The answering personnel, when came to know about the status of the DANICS officer, simply said him not to worry but to inform him the date and flight of reaching Port Blair", the drunken person continued. Meanwhile, some curious drunkards surrounded him and one of them offered him the sixth peg.
He continued, "The officer, gentleman to the core, landed at the Port Blair airport to be received by local official here. A car was waiting to escort him while another car with other personnel was there to take care of his baggage. The arriving Officer should not wait and take pain to collect his luggage! He was driven to the posh Govt. guest house and the car was left behind for his use to go to Secretariat to report for his duty and also otherwise. And thus before he became a part of the Andaman government, he became small 'Lord'. In fact, some senior officer had only informed the arrival of the official from Delhi and the rest 'buttering' and 'flirting' part was taken care by us. Later, he was provided with a bungalow, chauffeur driven car, gardener, maid servant (on govt. expense) and many other privileges. Our junior level officials with their folded hands exhausted all they had expecting some favour from the senior officer as well as from the new arrival. The Delhite official did away with his gentlemanship. This is human. If one showers privileges, favour and facility to other, can never be termed as unwarranted in favour of the later"
"So is with Vadra. He might not have desired but is showered favours because of his status by his friends and others who expect favour from the sources Vadra is surrounded by. And fortunately or unfortunately his 'friends' are part of Government in Position, so, a bone of contention for Opposition", he concluded with his seventh peg.

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