Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tourism Department to Have Two Directors: Lt. Governor

Tourism Department to Have Two Directors: Lt. Governor

Arun Gupta, DANICS Posted New Director

Taking into view the amount of work load in the Tourism Directorate, the Lt. Governor, A.K. Singh today said that henceforth the Directorate will have two Directors with specific mandate.

Speaking to LOA over phone, on the controversy raised by the Association of Tour Operators on replacing the present Director, the Lt. Governor clarified that the Administration has no plans to relieve Dr. P. Vishwakannan IFS from the post.

Earlier on Sept. 1, 2014, the Andaman & Nicobar Administration had issued an order posting Arun Gupta DANICS as the Director Tourism and Nabanita Ganguly, IFS, DCF (Plg & Monitoring) as Director (Tribal Welfare) with Additional charges of AC (TW)/ Officer-in-Charge ANTRI, relieving Arun Gupta from these charges.

The ambiguity in the order had shocked the tour operators, who wrote a letter to the Lt. Governor expressing their resentment over the assumed change in guard.

Reacting to the sudden action by the Administration, the Association of Tour Operators said that the tourism industry is already facing lots of issues at ground level and as the tourist season has just begun, transfers at this time will be setback to the industry.

The Association has always requested to post a Director in Tourism Department for a minimum period of 3 years since frequent change of Directors decelerates the progress, M Vinod President, ATO said.

Meanwhile, the Lt. Governor AK Singh clearing the prevailing confusion said, Apart from focusing on upcoming projects and promotion of tourism, the Department has to monitor tourism activities, frame rules & regulations, issue licences etc. which means immense documentation.

The LG added that for an effective functioning of the Directorate, the decision to appoint two Directors has been taken.

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