Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lok Sabha Polls Update: BJP Candidature for Islands Hang in Balance

Lok Sabha Polls Update:
BJP Candidature for Islands Hang in Balance

The Bharatiya Janta Party released the fourth list of candidates yesterday, but there is no mention of the candidate for Andaman and Nicobar Islands creating confusion and despair among the party workers. Bishnu Pada Ray, the sitting MP and Vishal Jolly, State President, BJP are in the race for the seat.

It was earlier expected that the name of the candidate will be announced on 13th March after discussion by the Selection Committee. However, the name of the candidate from the Islands was kept on hold.

Both Vishal Jolly and Bishnu Pada Ray were camping in Delhi, but Vishal flew back to the Islands on 9th March sending a message that the seat might be given to Bishnu Pada Ray. However, his hopes for the seat is revived after release of two lists by the party in which A&N Islands was not mentioned.

Bishnu Pada Ray, who is still in Delhi and was hoping a decision in his favour seems to be disappointed after release of the fourth list.

 There are strong rumours doing the rounds that the seat may go to Vishal Jolly. However, there is no official confirmation.

"I have strongly presented my case and am very hopeful that I will get the seat," Vishal Jolly said. "I have to be here in the Islands to make preparations for the elections," he had told.

"Hopefully, a decision in my favour might come in a day or two," he said.

Bishnu Pada Ray had said that his name is already there in the list, but he cannot go public with the news as the announcement has to come from the party.

"The party cadre has become impatient as precious time is lost in finalisation of the candidate," a senior party functionary said.

"It seems Bishnu's misadventure of launching and supporting Trinamul Congress in the Islands is going against him now," he said.

"We have already lost a Sunday, which could have been used for campaigning, and the party is yet to put in place various committees and incharges for the ensuing elections," he added.

The next list of candidates will be released by the party on 19th March and the suspense might continue till then.

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