Sunday, April 22, 2012

COVER STORY: From Alternate Land to Relief to Compensation!



From Alternate Land to Relief to Compensation!

On 20 April, the Lieutenant Governor gave a clarification condemning the dharna organised by the tsunami-affected farmers led by Gram Sudhar Sangham and supported by Bishnu Pada Ray, Member of Parliament.
The release said that LG Bhopinder Singh had personally met Shri P. Chidambaram, Union Home Minister and urged upon him to convey the sanction of the Govt. of India as early as possible. Before that, the Lt. Governor had written to the Union Home Minister on 23 December 2011, 29 February 2012 and 12 April 2012 for immediate issuance of the sanction to disburse the money in lieu of submerged land to the affected farmers. The Lt. Governor has asked the Chief Secretary, Shakti Sinha to meet officials at all levels in the Ministry of Finance for early clearance of the proposal to disburse financial compensation to the farmers.
From the subject to the content, the phrase "in lieu of" has been used many times. Moving miles away from their earlier statements that the submerged land will not be acquired "in lieu of" the compensation has gone to the docks.
Another word 'misleading' is used whenever the Member of Parliament rakes up any issue, whether it is Buffer Zone, ATR or the issue of compensation for tsunami affected farmers. If you are not towing the official line, whether it is right or wrong, you are misleading the "public." The Administration has to be always right.
When the Member of Parliament in June 2011 raised the issue of tsunami affected farmers and blamed the administration that the monetary compensation is very low and it is not relief, the Lieutenant Governor met a delegation of the farmers, once again led by Gram Sudhar Sangam and repeatedly convinced them that the amount is relief and not in lieu of the submerged land. The MP was once again attacked saying that he is misleading the gullible farmers. Even the Home Minister made it clear that the money is relief and the land will not be acquired. But, Secretary, Revenue refused to give it in writing to the delegation when they met him.

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