Monday, January 16, 2012

Clumsy Investigation


Clumsy Investigation

By Staff Reporter

Its all fingers and thumbs in the investigation into the Jarawa dance video controversy as proper coordination is not visible among the agencies working for the welfare and protection of Jarawas. Andaman Adim Janjathi Vikas Samiti (AAJVS) is an autonomous body which looks after the Jarawa tribe. Police and Forest Department are the other two agencies who help them in the protection of the tribe as well as their Reserve.
The Administration had announced a probe into the incident with a Deputy Superintendent of Police as its head. When there is a chance of breach on the part of police, AAJVS and Forest, these agencies cannot be part of the investigation. The probe should have been done by an independent agency or commission.
As the police have already initiated the investigation, without any official coordination of other two agencies, there are chances of pointing fingers and blame-game.
Moreover, in a statement issued by the DGP, he has pointed towards a man wearing camouflaged dress, but he did not mention about the role of any army personnel. He may be waiting for concrete evidence.
In the meanwhile, another expose has come to the fore. A complaint was filed with the Directorate of Tribal Welfare by Arvind Rai Sharma on 29 September 2011 regarding circulation of a CD by a tour operator who had used the Jarawas in various poses. It is learnt from the complaint that properly choreographed dances and ramp walk of Jarawas were organised by the videographer. The Directorate had forwarded the complaint to the police for immediate action, which never happened.

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