Tuesday, December 6, 2011

PAUPER’S LOG: Losers Breeding Ground


Losers Breeding Ground

By Abu Arsh

The moment, schooling for our kids comes to mind, the only option we yearn for is admissions in a big Private Public School. Top of the list are the convents followed by other privately run educational institutions. Government run schools are thought to be for the less privileged. Getting our wards into Private Schools is an exercise not many would forget for the rest of their lives. The school we send our kids is supposedly indicative of our social status and clout. For admissions, no stone is left unturned, be it using recommendations, overnight teaching tiny tots etiquette lessons, mugging up alphabets, identifying colours or naming objects. For the kids' interviews, parents are dressed up at their best and appear more cultured or wealthy than they actually are. Any demand for capitation or small favours for the institution are always handy. Of late people with other skills and utilities like mason, carpenter, welder, electricians or mechanics can outdo a Doctor or an Engineer posted at long south or extreme north. The more nearer the utilities, the better is the chance of ones ward getting through the interviews. Our tiny tots fumble and stammer through this scrutiny giving their best shot. As the seats are limited, dropped jaws far outnumber the gleaming faces on seeing the list of successful candidates.
Kids get ready for their journey into the new world of learning and acquiring knowledge. Parents dream big for them and hope one day their wards will make Papa proud. For kids "My Daddy is the Strongest" is taken a bit more seriously than it ought to be, as it's taught in school. Very soon it becomes more of academics for the Mommy and Daddy than their wards. Any attempt by the kids themselves to complete an assignment leaves them with fewer marks compared to ones done by Daddy's or their assistants. In the parent teacher meets, parents kick themselves for not paying attention to the kids' education by completing their child's works, unlike the other proud parents who walk away with all the laurels. Kids get introduced to moral science and charity. These schools charge hefty fees but every other day there is a dump box collection for the needy. Social service week carries instructions neatly typed asking for goodies for the less privileged which even the more privileged dare use in this day and age of rising curve in price index. The Strongest Daddy's part away with big bills for the dump box with our kids complaining about Maam's and Miss' patting those cool kids for their generosity and allots them more no of stars. Annual days are days and weeks, which keep the parents on their toes buying dresses and accessories for a role of a lamp post or tree planted in a corner for a single scene. The lead role invariably goes to wards of Strongest Daddy's. Top student honours would also go to the same multitalented kids. Their proud parents would have tears in their eyes occupying the front row seats next to the principal and Chief Guest. So much so for the right to education and CCE pattern.
The same grooming goes into their senior years at school with the Boards exams looming large. Assignments now have to be done through outsourcing. Professional artists and model project designers are to be hired. Shabby self made attempts by normal students are not worthy of centre stage. Stylised uniforms and gelled hair with spikes are the proprietary of the well healed, not to be tried by normal kids. Gangs of guys operate with the spoilt students having more members from outside school than among classmates. Latest mobile phones with wi fi are in their pockets at all times with normal kids sulking for even an elusive Samsung Guru. Grades are not a problem with internal marks already in the kitty without much hassle. The utilities available at their Dad's disposal help in enhancing the moral of these all rounder students, making them recipients of teacher's pampering. If that is not all, their Dad's would do the impossible- leak the Board Question Papers.  A few of these Dad's may be cooling their heals in a jail but their kids would still become Doctors as arrangements have been made for any capitation fees in the world. Our schools have become breeding ground for losers. A normal child's psyche and confidence is given a constant battering from the day he starts schooling to the day he passes out. Where does the blame lie- In us, as we have allowed this system to flourish.  

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