Monday, September 26, 2011

Political Autonomy for Sustainable Development: Prof Thandavan

Political Autonomy for Sustainable Development: 
Prof Thandavan

ANI needs development, feels Prof Thandavan and he advocates for participatory form of government for good governance

Andaman and Nicobar Islands need more political autonomy and until and unless there is participatory democracy, there will be no good governance," said Prof P Thandavan, Head, Anna Centre for Public Affairs, University of Madras, presenting a paper on Governance and Political Autonomy and Development in ANI.
He suggested the form of assembly as in Pondicherry and Goa. A common man should have a major role in formulation of policy. He stressed on focussed development in the fields of education, health and agriculture. Political autonomy is the only way out. He disagreed with Prof Malviya and said that corruption is rampant everywhere, but we cannot do away with politicians or democracy. He said that one-man rule is nothing but monocracy. He said that sustainable development is only possible with people's participation in policy making and governance.
Shakti Sinha who chaired the session said that 100% of plan and non-plan expenditure of about Rs 700 crores for the Islands is met from Central Coffers. He said that the Islands generate about Rs 200 crores. But, the process for a system of participatory governance should be expedited. He however, did not buy the argument that the Islands lack democratic setup and said that the three tier PRI system has been made independent of each other and they enjoy autonomy at each level. He also suggested that the Islands can think about a legislature like New Delhi or Pondicherry.

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